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3 min readApr 30, 2022

“Given white sheets because their love is pure, given honey because he’s sweet, duvet because she doesn’t want him to feel cold without her.” Poetic right?? These are just but a few rhymes we came up with, with a friend of course, giving a banter to a certain lover boy in our room, he was given these. This is actually real life! It happened!!

A way of showing emotions to the partner? And I made a joke about it? Am I a sadist? Come to think about it, it does sink deep.

How many times do you wake up to go class, still sleepy, you look across the window, see a dude and his chic riding a bicycle at 8am on a Monday morning? You get out of class they are still under a tree probably discussing how many kids they’ll have. Its lunch time and the same lovebirds are on the benches sipping lemonade water to lose weight. Love isn’t bad, but you probably losing your whole life in an attempt to preserve an illusion that will only last for a few days or months is the saddest thing. Don’t get me wrong though. Love is a beautiful thing.

We grow up having dreams of the things we want to own; the Audi in the driveway, those Armani suits in the closet, that glamorous bootylicious wife with impeccable cooking, a million crypto balance and some stocks in the metaverse, but once you start to experience life a day at a time you realize you don’t know how to get to those goals. You then tell yourself you will have a plan. And that would be, “I’ll go to school. Get a job and use my salary to get those dreams I want.”

But then how would chemistry and the history of the guy who conquered Asia make me that successful? So you then go to campus and study a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, giving yourself that “Engineer” title just to feel proud and get that affirmation but deep down you know you’ll just be one of those fundis that fix TVs and radios at the local shop. Half a semester later or so you start noticing this cute, hot mamacita with clear specs, awesome dreadlocks, dope swag, that “bunda” that Chunkz and Young philly always talk about and you’re like, “Mmmh, maybe this love thing isn’t that so bad, lemme try it out.” Before you realize it, you’re in love. Well that’s not bad is it? You then realize that is the only thing that you can have control over so you want it that way.

Well, there is no job out here but at least take time to learn a skill, read that course for a single minute, and make formidable friends. Your life doesn’t need to revolve around a lover, you need space to do your own thing, why in the name of Ellen G White would you share passwords of your e-learning platform in the name of trust? Or having same M-Pesa pins in the name of goals? Pffffft!! Preposterous!!Let’s assume things don’t go as planned and someone sweeps your accounts clean and publishes your GPA or defers the semester? What would you do?

Young kings and queens, there is more to life than just a working relationship, you won’t eat, drive and dress love. Get yourself some cash, save up some money, get into the Stock market, Crypto, get yourself into a gym, build up that physique that you want and have fun. Study a little then finally, have that relationship going. Life on scale is what I’m trying to get at, with that at least you won’t lose yourself if things don’t work out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just me? Peace out.

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