What is Betfury?

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BetFury is an online cryptocurrency-related casino site. The difference with this site from traditional online gambling is that it pays out daily dividends to players. These dividends are called staking rewards and are distributed to players depending on how many BFG tokens they have. By obtaining BFG tokens you can receive a portion of the website’s profit pool, paid in a variety of tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Tron. This is paid even if you don’t play. Literally, FREE CRYPTO!!

Betfury tokens

BFG is the internal token of BetFury platform launched on BNB Chain(BEP20). Check out its Smart contract address. BFG’s unique mining solution, by placing bets, and Staking opportunity became a hallmark of the BetFury project. It’s current market price is $0.018420 with 2 490 248 890 BFG in circulation, 2 340 667 454 BFG staked and a total supply of 5 000 000 000 BFG. Total burnt Betfury tokens are 1 498 169 950 BFG which constitutes of 37.56% from the total supply.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), or Tron (TRX) is required to make deposits into Betfury. This can be bought on exchanges such as Binance/Coinbase and transferred onto the site. This is also how earnings can be transferred off the site back to your wallet at anytime.

​$131 per month dividends are estimated based off 100,000 BFG tokens and a Bitcoin price of $31.44(0.00072166), 0.00707939 ETH, 196.057785 TRX, 42.0908136 USDT and 0.05093537BNB. Once the initial investment is paid back the rest is passive income.

Once you’ve got and hold BFG tokens on BetFury you can receive a part of the platform’s profit from the Staking pool.

BFG is certified by CertiK — the leading blockchain security company. Having great trust from users, we received the official confirmation of reliability and security. Check out the BFG Audit

How to get BFG?

You can get the BFG tokens through the TOP exchange, Biswap Exchange is the fastest and easiest way to buy BFG. Other exchanges are cointiger, coinbit, Matcha, Apeswap,Arken, Coin98. Currently you can buy 1 BFG for $0.01833 This seem like the obvious choice but do your own research as prices fluctuate so much it is impossible to keep this information totally up to date.

Passive income is good but what’s even better is having an income source in Bitcoin. To receive a passive income, you will first need to invest money into the platform so that you can get some BFG tokens. It is effectively losing money into the game as slowly and efficiently as possible. If done correctly you can wager large amounts through many tiny bets, without losing much at all.

You can also get the BFG tokens by playing various inhouse games just on the Betfury plaform. These inhouse games (Dice, Plinko, Mines, Keno etc.) will allow you to bet the smallest amount. Betting a small amount lets you bet as many times as possible for your available bankroll. This will allow you to achieve the closest loss rate to the house edge in the long term (2% on Dice). Although it is more fun to bet more, and you may win more in the short term, in the long run you will ultimately end your winning streak, have less bets available per bankroll and will not mine as many BFG tokens.

Check out on how to add BFG from the game balance on BetFury to MetaMask


The total Betfury supply is allocated as follows: 51% Mining, 5% Reserve, 20% Devs, 5% Bonuses, 10% Marketing, 4% Partnership, 5% Referral.

BFG Mining

Mining on BetFury — the system of obtaining BFG tokens. With each bet BFG tokens are automatically added to your balance. Mining is the system of obtaining Betfury’s internal token by placing bets. BetFury token (BFG) is an internal token for profit-sharing and a healthy gaming environment on BetFury. BFG tokens can be mined by playing in-house games and Slots. The more bets you place, the bigger amount of BFG you mine. Mine more BFG and receive stable Daily Payouts.

To reduce the load on mining and ensure its correct process the minimum bet for mining BFG is $0.01 in any currency

Mining price.

Mining price of each currency depends on the BTC exchange rate at Binance and rises after every 50 000 000 BFG tokens mined. Track how mining price changes on the Staking page. The earlier you start mining the more tokens you will get.

Fact: for every 50 000 000 BFG tokens mined the price increases for +0.000001 BTC

BFG Staking.

Staking is a feature, which means that users claim a reward from the Staking pool only for holding BFG tokens on game accounts! Once you own at least 10 BFG tokens, you can take advantage of Staking capabilities of multicurrency daily drops. Staking is the system of multicurrency daily drops for all BFG token holders. Every 24 hours, the Staking pool releases 3% of the total profit of the platform in each currency. The amount is shared among all users who hold BFG tokens. The more BFG tokens, the greater Staking rewards you get! All tokens mined before going to exchange are available for trading. New tokens will be locked for withdrawals for 6 months. The user will be able to get Staking rewards and play with BFG until the tokens are unlocked.

Users are able to get Staking rewards and play with BFG until the tokens are unlocked. BFG tokens purchased on the exchange can be deposited on the BetFury platform and staked immediately to receive daily payouts from the Staking pool. Also, users are able to withdraw these BFG tokens and sell them at any time.

BFG Usage

Gaming: Play games to get BFG! Tokens are also available for gaming & betting with min bet from 0.00000001

Staking: Multicurrency daily Staking drops just for holding BFG.

Trading: BFG token became a tradable asset! Buy & Sell BFG tokens on TOP exchanges anytime.

Farming: Get more BFG tokens for Staking them on a smart-contract. Enjoy passive earnings!

Cashback: Play your favourite games, level up your Rank and get some BFG back!

Airdrops: BetFury Boxes, In internal chat, TG chat tips, External platforms

NFT & GameFI (soon): To accelerate blockchain adoption through gaming and give players more utility for BFG’s.

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