Did you miss out on mining Bitcoin when it started back in the year 2009? Bet you wondered how it came about really. Back then the visionary Satoshi Nakamoto was behind the brilliant idea of blockchain technology. Bitcoin was accessible through easy ways such as filling the captcha recaptcha codes in the internet. I once also saw that by just visiting some url address you were accredited with 100 Bitcoins. But don’t worry my good people, back then the general population had no interest in Bitcoin at all so they never really did maximize on these free chances they had. Plus trust you me, we are the early adopters and WAGMI. [P.S Check out the documentary ‘Documenting Bitcoin.’].

Scammer is what they call you when you’re doing something that seems worthless, useless and obviously not meaningful [to their naked eyes] and not adding any value to their lives but here you can prove them wrong with these coins. Hope for a better tomorrow and future is the only thing that drives you forth for currently, you literally have nothing to lose.

So, if you’re missing out, here’s the chance for you to redeem yourself and work harder for your future self and prospects surrounding you. Stay Tuned and don’t miss out on this educative read.

These new blockchain are in the general population for integration, widespread utility and are only mined by the mere tap of a button every 24 hours. Do register with my links below every description of each blockchain app so as to increase both of our mining hashrates, as a result, guaranteeing us more coins. They are about 8 or so in total so do read till the last one. Some are already at mainnet while some are almost but that doesn’t mean that you’re late to the party. Let’s have some FUNNNN.

Starting us off is PI. This is almost at mainnet but just don’t miss out on the remaining time left. It has a very vibrant and enthusiastic community that you surely wouldn’t wanna miss out on. Pi Is A New Digital Currency Developed By Stanford PhDs, With Over 23 Million Members Worldwide. Its owner and leader of the team is Dr Nicolas Kokkalis[@nkokkalis on twitter] Pi network just reaching its 1000 day anniversary shows how big a big milestone the team has undergone to reach where they are. We strive for the best and know that we will surely achieve mainnet status soon enough. To Claim Your Pi, Follow This Link https://t.co/OmxY3UoKKu and use my Username (onsando30) as your invitation code. This is the one I am so far bullish on!!🚀🔥



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Onsando Abucheri


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